More than 4000 songs mixed and mastered for clients
all around the world.

We are 100% focused on creating high quality sound. In last years we was working as freelancers on dozens of projects, in various disciplines and with many, different clients with high requirements.


Qualified Engineer

As well as receiving a Distinction in my music technology Master’s, I am an experienced musician.

This is a service for musicians by a musician.

Bespoke Solutions

Your music is unique, so your mix should be too. I approach each song in a way which fits the music and style best.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Industry Standard

With decades of experience, and $1000s of equipment, I provide a loud, clear, dynamic, and musical final product.

Listen and hear for yourself!

The Fat Mastering, hear the difference…

It’s your music, we’ll reach its true potential. We believe that mastering/mixing is an art-form and that each project is unique. When you use The Fat Mastering, we ensure you’re at the centre of the process and production experience.

100% focused on your MUSIC INDUSTRY GOALS

Professional Solutions for
Your Next Project

Isn’t it frustrating when you’ve written, and recorded some epic songs, but they just sound flat and boring? When, after all that work crafting songs, practising, lugging gear, and suffering withdrawal from the amount of energy drinks you’ve consumed during crazy-long recording sessions, that the music you nurtured into existence falls on deaf ears?

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Let’s make things happen!

The people who succeed as recording artists all do one thing very well: their products are all finely polished gems of musical awesomeness, regardless of style. Think about it, when have you ever come across a musician or band that has made any inroads into the industry with an album that sounds like a dodgy demo.

An online mixing, and mastering service which will provide you with the quality mixes that are absolutely crucial in making a good impression on your listeners. All of this, and for prices that are really extremely low for the level of quality you’ll receive.

Here’s the deal: There’s no need for anyone to go without professional-quality mixes, whatever your budget. With over nine years of studio, and mixing experience, I can deliver an industry-standard mix at an incredibly low price.


We work for the best artists

Having your music Professionally Mixed and Mastered is the first and most important step needed to succeed in the music industry. A Professionally Mixed & Mastered recording will make sure your song sounds its absolute best and has the potential to become the next big hit. It will also help your music stand out to record labels and compete against all popular artists on todays radio and services such as iTunes (Apple Music), Soundcloud, and Spotify.

We mix already 300+ full albums and mixtapes

A Professionally Mixed & Mastered recording will make sure you will be able to compete and stand out aginst all popular music on todays radio.

We worked with 1000+ artists

Record Labels and A&R's love to see this, It shows that you care about your craft and you do things the right way to succeed.

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Mix and Mastering a Song


Perfect for vocal tracks and single beat track.
16 Tracks Limit
Includes Mastering

Free Revisions

Mix and Mastering a Song


Good for song with alot of instruments tracks.
24 Tracks Limit
Includes Mastering
Free Revisions

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Mastering a Song


Great for already mixed song or instrumental.
Ultra HQ Itunes quality
DDP Standard, and metadata included
Free Revisions
We’ve got more to offer…

We offer a wide range
of services

Audio post production usually refers to the post-production of audio that is synchronized with video. This applies to TV, cinema, and commercials. One major aspect of audio post production is the use of ADR, or automatic dialogue replacement. Sometimes the original, or production audio, lacks in performance or quality, and the actor or actors are brought into a sound studio to record some or all of their dialogue from the project.

Album/Mixtape Mix & Master Package

Package provides everything you need to distribute your Mixtape.

Stem Mastering

Stem Mastering lets us use stems to have more control over your mix to achieve a better quality Master.

Song Revision

A Revision allows you to make additional changes to your Mix before Mastering.

Instrumental Mix & Master

Package provides everything you need to distribute your Beats/Instrumentals.

Radio Edit

Clean up profanity in your mixes for radio play removing swear word using basic cuts and effects.

Pitch Correction

Corrects the pitch of your vocals using manual or auto pitch correction.

We Are Apple Certified Providers Of Mastered For iTunes

We’re committed to delivering music as the artists and sound engineers intend it to be heard. Housed here are the information and tools necessary to create the highest-quality masters for iTunes. Learn more by reading the Mastered for iTunes technology brief.