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We often get some questions about our working methods, how and why we take such amount of time to have a final product! Here’s a brief explanation on how we usually process, editing, mixing and mastering on our studio.

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Before submit your project you have to buy one of our mix/mastering services as well.

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2 Easy Steps To Getting Started With Us


After you decided on an audio mastering option one of our Services, follow the 2 steps below:

  1. Purchase the service you want us to do
  2. Then Upload your audio files to us. No account needed – 100% Safe and secure FTP Server

Everything you need to do is on the Purchase & Upload Page of this website. This makes ordering very easy. There are No Files to print out and no files to scan back into your PC to send your order information.

If you prefer to mail us a CD or thumb drive, email us at [email protected]

How To Get Your Files Ready To Send To Us


  • For the absolute best possible audio mastering results, do not process your stereo mix downs if your having us master your songs. This includes having no compression, limiting and equalization on your master bus (mix bus)
  • Do not let the peak level of your master bus (mix bus) go above -3dB. The optimal peak levels should be between -10dB to -3dB. Note: Its OK if 1 or 2 peaks go slightly over -3dB
  • Keep the sample rate and bit depth at its original format. We accept Wave files and AIFF files. MP3’s are not an accepted file format
  • Leave 2 seconds of silence at the beginning of your track with faders in the mix position, if you can. This way we can perform a noise profile of the background noise and use that profile to get rid of any residual noises. Also leave some silence after your track ends
  • Upload your files by clicking the SEND IT Button in the order form & upload section. No account is needed to upload your audio files
  • Songs shall be less than 6 minutes. If the song is over 6 minutes, an addition charge may be added
  • If your sending multiple audio files, you should zip them in .rar or win-zip file format. This makes it easier to send multiple audio files at one time. How to unzip

When We Receive Your Audio Files, This Is What We Will Do


  • We will analyze your tracks in our mastering studio that is acoustically tuned and treated to get a feel of your songs sound and tonal balance
  • Then your music is professionally mastered with the best analog hardware and digital software
  • The RMS and Peak volume levels will be optimized, for that correct relative loudness
  • We will match levels throughout the project. Meaning when you go from one song to the next, it will have a smooth transition because each song will be matched to the same sonic level. This greatly improves your flow from one song to another
  • We will arrange your tracks in its final sequence for options that include this

  • We will establish a sonic field for your tracks

  • We will edit and fix the timing of the space between tracks with options that include this.

  • We will remove all unwanted noise between and during your tracks. Like hiss, pops, clicks, crackles and other artifacts. Sometimes artifacts cannot be removed with out damaging the audio file

  • We will place track markers at the beginning of each track for options that include this

  • We will make sure the start and endings of each track are clean (includes fades if applicable)

  • We we will encode all your codes that you provide us at time of ordering. Then we will print out a master track log and send it to you, for options that include this

When We Are Finished


  • When finished, we will send you the full length version of your mastered audio for you to listen to on your sound systems and if you are satisfied with the overall sound, I will go ahead and mail you the master grade gold audio CD burned to red book specifications and a printed track sheet, depending on what option you purchase.
  • If you think something needs to be addressed in the song we sent you, we will re-master it using your recommendations and send you another version for you to listen to again. We will keep doing this until your completely satisfied.
  • You have 4 days from the time we send your song to decide if you want something changed before its finalized. After you submit the original revisions and we send it back to you, you have 2 more days to review those revirsions and request more revisions from the revisions we did already.